Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Let us make a dana.jpg world. Where there is food, there is dana.jpg

Our Mission

With uncompromising integrity and excellence in enhancing our dana.jpg brand, we will inspire to create and deliver improved products and services that meet the changing requirements and expectations of our trade partners both locally and internationally.

Our Values


  1. We constantly seek improvement in all aspects in our company to create growth through new products, technologies, and processes to outcompete our industry rivals.
  2. We foster a culture of sharing new ideas which are proactive to market needs.


  1. We are committed and dedicated to making a difference through consistently delivering exceptional products and services that will always delight our customers.


  1. We are proud of our solid reputation.
  2. We build trust, keep promises, show commitment, are honest and maintain our ethical standards.


  1. Working together, all employees/stakeholders are important to our business success; as we are accountable for achieving common goals regardless of direct or indirect benefits resulting from each individual’s efforts.
  2. We value teamwork with each person building relationships where we cherish shared experiences, celebrate achievements and appreciate one another.


  1. We take pride in our brand, products and company team who are dedicated,enthusiastic and relentless in delivering superior value and excellence to our customers and business partners.
  2. We take on challenges with willingness to keep us engaged with fulfilling our goals,objectives and in achieving our vision.